The Hidden Veggie

Are your kids like mine, and screw their nose up at veggies and refuse to eat anything with colour that’s on their plate? It drives me CRAZY! They say they don’t like it without even putting a single bite to their mouth!

So I do what any crazy mother does who likes to waste their valuable time trying to trick their children, and grate veggies so that I can try and hide them in things. OMG like why do I bother???

I’ve tried meatballs, and apparently they can see the orange and or green stuff in them so they wont touch them. Then I try Lasagne or Spaghetti Bolognese, cause what kid doesn’t like those right? Wrong, they won’t eat food with red sauce. So I had a go at cutting different veggies into chips – well unless they are deep fried and come wrapped in paper, no thanks!

So the only 2 things that I have been successful with and that is 1) Mixing Cauliflower into the creamy sauce of Carbonara Pasta. But let’s face it I am sure that I boiled all of the nutrients out of the cauliflower to make it blend down smooth enough. And 2) These Zucchini Muffins that I found on Pinterest. (They are super delish I might add).

So I am at a loss! How in the hell do you get your kids to eat veggies short of dipping them in chocolate!

I’d love to hear from any of you that have the same problem with your little ones and what things you do to get them to eat some veggies, because I am out of ideas!

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