Talking to your toddler can raise their IQ

Did you know that talking to your little one can raise their IQ?

John Medina in his book ‘Brain Rules for Baby’ says that continually speaking to your child about anything and anything is one of the healthiest thing parents can do for their little ones brains.

Apparently by the age of 3, kids who were talked to regularly by their parents had IQ score 1.5 times higher than those kids who talked to them the least.

How we speak to our little one also plays a huge role. He also recommends that despite us all sounding totally ridiculous, that talking to your little one in that slow, high pitched voice actually works. They call it ‘parentese’ and say that speaking this way is much easier for them to understand.

Apparently outside of work, the typical person hears or sees about 100,000 words a day. So don’t feel you need to constantly talk at your little one. But as you go about your day, talk to them about what you are about to do “Now we are going to have lunch” or talk to them about what you see around you “Look at the big truck” “Can you tell me what colour it is?”

Speaking to your children as often as you can is one of the most well established findings on all of the development literature.

So if you are not doing this already, try it. It might feel a bit silly at first, but once you get used to it, it will become much more natural, soothing for your little one to hear your voice, as well as educational for them too!

For further reading on this topic get your hands on a copy of Brain Rules for Baby by John Medina. It’s a great rules for parents who want some tips on giving your bubs the best start to life.

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