Kiddies Food Kutter

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The Kiddies Food Kutter is perfect for getting kids involved in cooking and meal preparation as well as cutting their own dinner on the dinner plate. It teaches fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, independence, and builds self-confidence.

Suitable for all skill levels for children 2 years onwards, left and right-handed, and for kids with special needs or a disability. This kids’ knife can be safely used to cut everything from soft fruit to hard vegetables. Mum and Dad can spend dinner time eating – not cutting! The Kiddies Food Kutter teaches and encourages children to learn dinner table etiquette.

The safety knife of choice for Jamie Oliver’s Good Food Foundation.

The Kiddies Food Kutter has been selected by Jamie Oliver’s Good Foundation as the knife for all accredited facilitators to use in his “Learn Your Fruit & Veg” campaign through kindergartens and schools!


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