Introducing the Jack & Ollie Store

white with black cross large high chair caddy

Hello, there! I’m Kirsty, the creator of the Jack & Ollie Store, and the designer of our Storage Solution for High Chairs. 

Being a Mum of 2 adventurous boys, I’ve always had to be on my toes, and feeding time was no exception. Living in inner city Melbourne is fantastic for access to an abundance of amazing parks, beaches and playgrounds, ideal for burning off little peoples energy, but when it comes to room for storage, let’s just say it doesn’t rate so well.

If your kids are anything like mine, meal time is not something for the fainthearted. The preparation alone is a mission in itself (grating and hiding veggies, making it bite size, appetizing, healthy, but without looking healthy), and that’s before even getting to the eating part!

Once I finally sat down to give them their meal, I’d be up again within seconds to find a bib, then moments later up again for the wipes to clean up the mess off the walls and floor! And this is when they were tiny. The older they got, the harder it was to keep them sitting in their chair, and the more mess they made. This meant leaving them to grab the wipes and the bibs was even  harder if not impossible!

When my second child came along, I knew I needed something to help keep all of the things I needed for meal time in one place, and close to the high chair so I didn’t have to leave him alone. He was a climber this one. And still is!! This is how our High Chair Caddies were born. Out of pure desperation! Needing somewhere close to the high chair to store all of the bits and pieces I needed for meal time, but also a place that sat out of the way, and looked neat and tidy in itself.

For me, they not only had to look stylish and fit in with my decor but they also needed to be practical, washable and durable. They needed to live through a Tornado Ollie, and still come out on top!

So my Mum and I (god bless my Mum for being the amazing sewer that she is) spent days and months brainstorming until finally we came up with what we have today. A product that first and foremost holds the necessities for meal time, looks great, washes well, fits most high chairs, and then can potentially move to the dining or study chair to store books, crayons, paper, games or anything they might need moving forward.

We are super proud of our creation and we hope that you Mum’s with wee on’es in a high chair, get as much relief as you do joy out of finding a product that makes meal time that bit easier, and helps keep your space a little more tidy and organised.

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