How children start learning maths from the day they are born.

Did you know that children start learning numeracy skills from the day they are born?

This learning happens through everyday ply activities like counting fingers and toes, choosing form 2 or more objects or deciding how many teddies that want to take to bed.

Your child’s every day experiences are full of learning opportunities that lay the foundations for numeracy.

For example we use basic maths language all of the time without realising it – like keeping score of the footy, describing things we see such as a big digger or a tiny bird. And we use patterns to explain the order of our daily routine, like we’ll change your nappy an then go to the playground.

Other ways you can include numeracy in your every day conversations with your little one are:

Count things that you see in front of you – look, how many concrete mixers can you see? 1, 2, 3….

Look at the shapes of these crackers. The rounds ones are like a wheel and the square ones are like our house.

Wow that is a tall tower you have built

We have to put your nappy on, then we can put your pants on.

Collecting & Organising
Does that big lid fit on the big bowl or the little bowl?

Talk to your little one throughout the day as you are going ahead with your daily routine. You may be surprised about how much you are doing of this already!!

Content from this blog was sourced from Raising Children and naeyc.
For more on this topic go directly to their websites Raising Children and naeyc

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