The Hidden Veggie

Are your kids like mine, and screw their nose up at veggies and refuse to eat anything with colour that’s on their plate? It drives me CRAZY! They say they don’t like it without even putting a single bite to their mouth! So I do what any crazy mother does who likes to waste their […]

5 Mini Projects you can do with your Toddler

It’s a tough gig keeping toddlers entertained, and especially coming up with new ideas that are fun,¬†easy to do, and even educate them a little in the process. To help out my fellow Mumma’s I’ve compiled a list of 5 Mini Projects that you can do with your little ones, some that they can learn […]

Introducing the Jack & Ollie Store

white with black cross large high chair caddy

Being a Mum of 2 adventurous¬†boys, I’ve always had to be on my toes, and feeding time was no exception. I knew I needed something to help keep all of the things I needed for meal time in one place and that’s how our storage solution for High Chairs was born