5 Mini Projects you can do with your Toddler

It’s a tough gig keeping toddlers entertained, and especially coming up with new ideas that are fun, easy to do, and even educate them a little in the process.

To help out my fellow Mumma’s I’ve compiled a list of 5 Mini Projects that you can do with your little ones, some that they can learn from, and some that are just loads of fun!

1. Grow a Plant from Seed
This can be super fun, and so educational as well. There are loads of different herbs, vegetables or plants you can try, but these are ones that are fairly easy to grow, and most give a return quickly to keep the little ones interested!
Baby Carrots, Cherry Tomatoes, Radishes, Salad Leaves, Cucumbers

2. Making Art from your handprint
This can be a little messy so probably best for an undies only day, outside in summer time but there are so many cool things that you can make with with some paint and a handprint! Pinterest is the best for this kind of crafty stuff, but here are a few ideas you can start with:
– Hand Monster
– Flower
– Animals
– Tree


3. Create a Paper Plane Competition
Goodhousekeeping.com has come up with this brilliant idea which is more than just the making of paper planes! It’s genius! Awesome fun to make and fun for the whole family to play! Soooooo good for hand eye coordination (and that competitive streak we all have :))


4. Kids in the Kitchen
Whether its baking a cake, helping with dinner, or a bit of food education, getting the kids involved in the kitchen is a big plus. Most of the time, if they are involved in the process of making dinner there is more of a chance that they will actually eat it! And is a great place to start teaching them about different foods, what they are used for, and how they are cooked. Some ideas include:
– Showing what pasta is like before and after you cook it
– Baking a cake and show them and teach them about how it rises
– Choosing the meal and helping make it

5. Celery Science Experiment
This is super cool and very easy to set up as well. Along with getting them to point out all of the different colours you are using, it also enables them to observe and discover a range of changes that happen over a period of time as well.


All of these activities are loads of fun and relatively easy to set up and carry out. They will teach your kids a stack of new skills, as well as provide that educational entertainment you’ve been looking for.

We hope that you enjoy doing these mini projects with your kids, and please feel free to share them with your friends & family!

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